rob dyrdek silver trucks

Alien Rob Dyrdek Skateboards Designs

Alien is phenomenon that makes people think and wondering are they are really or just human imagination for the outsider. Rob dyrdek skateboards make your alien vision become true with their alien rob dyrdek skateboards designs. There are many designs with alien drawing and picture that stylish and fashionable. With red domination and colorful design for alien skateboards, it will make your skateboards look more stylish. Look forward for the […]

vision skateboard decks

Colorful Vision Skateboards

Be colorful with wide collection from vision skateboards that offers you more colorful design and models. With picture that will make your skateboard look great, it is the best skateboard that will make you look fashionable and stylish. The psycho concave party skateboard with the gradation color will make you have the most extra ordinary skateboard among your friend. The Jimenez jinx design with concave design in orange color will […]

mystery skateboard decks

A Mystery of Skateboard

Most of customers, no matter what goods they buy, usually hesitate or being afraid of buying products from new companies. This is always such a challenge for business starters as they have to prove the high quality of their products, keep revising and maintaining quality and earning more good reviews from customers. This challenge will always exist no matter what business you are into. All you can do is keep […]

powell golden dragon skateboard

Power for Powell-Peralta Skateboards

Who knows that starting a business can come from your children demand and you want to make the best stuff they are asking? It was the history of George Powell when his son asked for a skateboard and he made it for him. Afterwards his son complained that the skateboard did not ride smoothly and it made Powell became more interesting in skateboard. Soon after leaving his job in aerospace […]

east coast skateboard companies

History of Skate Industry

First time growing in 1940s in the United States, skateboarding has been growing from year to year and spread internationally. It is not only considered as a form of sport, but also leisure. By being recognized internationally, therefore skateboarding potentially has seen as promising market. Then there you go, dozens of skateboard companies have been founded and noticed among skaters. To earn much better reputation, it is wise for the […]

vision skateboard rails

Practicing Balance through Skateboarding

Skateboarding is really fun when it comes to spin the wheels and ride straight away on smooth roads. How about riding it a thin and long look-like stick called skateboard rails? Have you tried it? To practice skateboarding on it, you need to know and experience the basic moves and most importantly is maintaining balance of your body. Mainly there are five types of skateboard rails that you can use […]

white chocolate skateboards

20 Years of Chocolate Skateboards

In 2014, Chocolate Skateboards as one of the most popular skate companies has reach 20 years of their dedication and determination in skate world. To celebrate 20 years of Chocolate, they bring out the new series of skateboards decks, 20% discount off on the selected items, new tees catalogue, and there is also a great competition with an interesting prize. Chocolate Skateboards made three new series of skateboard decks to […]

zoo york brooklyn skateboard

Inspirational Skateboards in New York City

New York is the third-most populous city among 50 states in the US. It always attracts global citizens to visit or make a living there. In a result, you can see and feel numerous cultures coming from each part of the world. New York is the home to hip hop music and well-known for its graffiti cultures. Who knew that New York City’s skateboarding has inspired several skaters to run […]

darkstar skateboard decks

Darkstar Skateboards: A Mixture between Quality and Popularity

There are so many skateboard manufacturers and all of them tried their best to keep producing the best skateboard with very good quality. Darkstar skateboard is one of the best skateboard manufacturers, and the quality of Darkstar products has been acknowledged as the best in this sport, but what makes this product become very popular? Darkstar has been famous for their cool design and the quality of the decks, but […]

flip complete skateboards

Stay Gold with Flip Skateboards

Formed in the 1980’s, Flip Skateboards has become well-known skateboard manufacturers with the quality of their products such as decks, wheels, and other skateboard accessories. This brand also become famous clothing company, they produce cool stuff that usually used by skaters such as beanie, snapback, hoodie, and tees. Skateboard is not only about shred your deck onto the ground, but more than that, it’s also about fashion, that is why […]