custom skateboard maker

Express Yourself with Custom Skateboard Decks

Custom skateboard decks are the right choice for skaters who want to design their own skateboard deck. Skaters may be proud with their skateboard skills but many skaters also want to be fashionable with their skateboard decks. There are many famous brands that produced skateboard decks such as Rip Curl, Billabong, DC, Flip, and still many of them, but sometimes you just cannot find skateboard decks that really match with […]

girls skateboard helmets

Know Your Skateboarding Safety

Every sport must have its own safety rules, including skateboarding. Parts of your body that need to be protected whilst skateboarding are knees, ankles, arms and head. As we know that head is the most crucial part of our body because the brain orders our body to do everything in daily life. Once the brain stops working, our body will stop working as well. Thus, skaters need skateboard helmets to […]

penny cruiser skateboard

Solution for Beginners on Skateboarding

Not everyone is brave in doing fast moving sport such as skateboarding. They are particularly afraid of slamming and falling down due to lack of balance. Surprisingly, the types of skateboards can quite affect how often you will slam or fall down. Are you into speedy and sudden moves? Then skateboard is the answer as it has a longer board and smaller wheels to support speedy moves. In contrary, are […]

kryptonics torpedo skateboard

Skate Your Kryptonics

Skateboarding is a kind of sport well-known among young people that first started to use in 1940s. To people who have never done skateboarding, they usually think of a group of young people playing a flat board along with four wheels below the board itself. They can move fast and even jump without being afraid to fall down and balancing their body is surely needed to do these moves. If […]

skateboard wheels and bearings

Essential Part of Skateboarding

Wheels are the most essential part of a skateboard. Not to mention the others are unimportant, but it will not be called a skateboard if it does not have wheels. In addition, the feel of skateboarding itself will decrease due to the lack function of its wheels. To have the wheels working well, you need to put attention on skateboard bearings. Mainly you must know the core part of gskateboard […]

almost complete skateboards

What Reasons of Using Almost Skateboards

There are many reasons why you have to choose almost skateboards. First, this type of skateboard is unique. You will find that it is available with wonderful texture that can make you feel happy with it. In addition, this type of skateboard will be able to give you great appearance of color too. If you can select product with good color, you will be able to make your feeling happy […]

creature skateboards shirt

Unique Style of Creature Skateboards

Do you love to choose skateboard that has unique style? If the answer is yes, you can now find it through creature skateboards. By using this selection of skateboard, you will be able to apply something wonderful that you can use for it. Choosing skateboard that has amazing style is not difficult thing to do. When you can do it correctly, you can find that it can make you feel […]

habitat p2 skateboards

Marius Syvanen to Join Habitat Skateboards

Marius Syvanen has become the newest pro skater in Habitat Skateboards following previous pro skaters that already teamed up with Habitat. His performance and skills has made Habitat to give him a contract for sponsorship and endorsement. Previously, this wonder kid from Finland has endorsed by solid list such Billabong, Darkstar, and Flip skateboards, and now Habitat has joined the party. Marius Syvanen will be featured on several promotions in […]

dgk skateboards decks

DGK Skateboard Amaze Your Eyes

When you want to obtain nice product of dgk skateboards, there are many options that you can use. Indeed, when you consider that selecting amazing product is hard, you have to make sure that you choose the one that is recommended. In fact, choosing recommended selection of product will be able to make you feel satisfy with it. As you can see that the quality of dgk skateboards is reliable […]

custom longboard skateboards

The Best Idea for Custom Skateboards

There are many advantages that you can find for using custom skateboards. When you are using this custom design, you will be able to choose awesome selection of skateboard that you like so much. It is obvious that choosing amazing selection of skateboard in the catalogue is not easy to do. Due to that reason, you have to make sure that you have your own design that you like. In […]